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After Arizona State University sanctions Hope Church for misconduct, leaders of the church insist they are still “in good standing” with the university. Not so, says ASU spokeswoman.…/article_158a9c1b-c572-5518-b4c7-39de6a291e31.html

The student newspaper at ASU, The Arizona State Press, is reporting that ASU has taken its first action on an investigation into Hope Church and its affiliated student organizations.

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that Hope Church (formerly Hope Christian Church and FCC offshoot) is facing an investigation by Arizona State University after 14 former members (including 8 current ASU students) filed a 123 page complaint with ASU detailing abusive practices.

The Daily Camera (Boulder, CO) is reporting that the Religious Campus Organizations group at Colorado University voted last month to remove Resurrection Church from their organization. Citing the failure of Resurrection Church to address the RCO’s concerns, the group’s president, Rev. Zach Parris, said, “We have a duty to protect students.”

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This is an excellent article with thorough reporting that connects a lot of threads in the wider FCC movement.

A blog has been created by former members of Hope Christian Church at Arizona State University. The blog explains that a report of over 100 pages detailing experiences of spiritual abuse at Hope has been submitted to the ASU administration. The blog promises to offer updates as the investigation proceeds and can be found at