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Posted: September 5, 2011 in Spiritual Abuse, Uncategorized
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I hope your site helps a lot of people get OUT of FCC and others decide NOT to support those raising support to lead others from U of A into this unhealthy cult-like environment. Steve Halls abuse was devastating to me and the control he has over others in his congregation is sad. He said once that he prides himself on “breaking People down to nothing and then building them up the way he wants them” I thought that was God’s job but his “breaking down” was a bit too much for me as I was at a fragile point in my life when I attended there and lived with his family. I started seeing a local counselor for which I was “rebuked!” The counselor told me that he had heard horror stories of those in this ministry and he was sure that he could not help me until I was willing to get out of that environment. I did. God has healed me. I still have a fear of male authority and being taken advantage of – (I wish I had free slave labor like Steve does!) It felt like Steve didn’t really care about individuals just “HIS agenda” He bragged about being the richest pastor in Maranatha and all that he owned. I would over hear the staff meetings as they bad mouthed all those they discipled who did not “drink the coolade” Personal issues where discussed and comments made about others that should never come out of a caring person’s mouth. Many people in Tuscon saw the same counselor that I did as they encountered the control issues and this counselor referred them to me. One time I went by with one girl to discuss with her roommates the fact that she would not be attending FCC anymore. They asked if they could “still rebuke her!” That makes me cringe! Not could they still encourage her but rebuke her!
Many people who I knew got phone calls to meet them about supporting campus ministers. They knew I had attended there and called me to ask what I thought of the ministry. I just told them my experience and really had no bad feelings anymore about Steve or others. Steve called my current pastor at a different church in Tuscon and asked me not to speak badly of FCC when people were trying to raise their financial support. He said that he had changed and that all was well there. Apparently it is not. I’m glad that youu have this website and that people can stay away from FCC if they are still practicing the same sort of abuse and control.

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