A great article posted on our Facebook page by Doug Pacheco


  1. Control and fear permeate Faith Christian Church.

    • The Truth Matters says:

      This is not to be. Clearly, such a place is not YHUH’s operation!! What a sorrow and grief!! If it grieves you the way it does, can you imagine HOW MUCH MORE it grieves YHUH?? To see His lambs battered by shepherds pretending and using HIS Name!! They will see His Hand, oh boy will they!! But not the Hand they falsely profess!!

      • Anon says:

        Why are these churches still on campuses? We need to have these churches kicked off right now in my opinion. I live in Fort Collins but go to CU-Boulder, had the same experience with resurrection church and I’m talking with people about finding a way to get them kicked out permanently. Why is this not discussed here? What they do is awful and it should not continue!!

  2. Michael Childs says:

    Interesting how much of this matches with GCC in Fort Collins.

  3. snarfynix says:

    err cults are crazy, these people are nuts

  4. Hal Corbett says:

    \I personally know a campus missionary with this church .this simple a witch hunt common among those who do not want Christianity on the university campus

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