Former members of Victory Christian Church in New Zealand, an offshoot of FCC, are speaking out about the emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of church leaders.

  1. I have not been to that church but have had to leave an AOG with the same hallmark and, an ex-AOG uber conservative (that purported to not be uber conservative at the time)…….we have been left so broken and scarred by both those places. The conservative still used the same techniques – but they offered approval, not friendship. Fortunately we still have friends there so it is not quite as bad as the AOG experience but the mocking, belittling, etc, and accusations of having attitudes we haven’t even considered having still prevail. I was even attacked in public and followed down the street and it got physical – for leaving the conservative church we were shunned from. Anyhoo – I guess what I am trying to say, is that seeing what you are doing here, has helped me a little. It means so much when someone validates another’s experience of abuse. It is healing. It is good to see people who really want to love one another as He loves us, and thereby, show all men that we are His disciples. Bless you all for this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    God will reward those who give. What has been given to you, you give to others. That includes giving to those who hurt you. The whole picture is that Jesus died on the cross. Who are we to complain at what happen to us when Jesus gave his whole life completely without any selfishness.

    Praise God!

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