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The University Religious Council voted to revoke Faith Christian Church’s membership yesterday. Here is their official statement )via Warren Throckmorton at…/university-of-arizonas-university…/):

University Religious Council

University of Arizona

Effective immediately, the University Religious Council (URC) at the University of Arizona revokes from membership the organization known as Faith Christian Church and its affiliates Wildcats for Christ, Native Nations in Christ, and Providence Club.

Reason: The number, seriousness, and pattern of red flags raised compel URC members to no longer believe that Faith Christian Church and its affiliates operate at the highest level of integrity, transparency, safety for students, and respect for students, standards required for URC membership. This has come to light via numerous letters and testimonies recently sent to URC members which have brought to a head historic and current concerns related to the campus activities of Faith Christian Church and its affiliates.

Unanimous decision of greater quorum gathered—

March 30, 2015.

New Life Churches International is defending FCC’s New Zealand offshoot, Victory Christian Church. Ralph Sutherland (quoted in the article) can be reached here:

The Arizona Daily Star is reporting on FCC’s New Zealand offshoot being banned from campuses. This has gone from a local story, to a national story, to an international story.…/article_d3631513-c2d7-53c6-a05e-fa909ff…

Former members of Victory Christian Church in New Zealand, an offshoot of FCC, are speaking out about the emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of church leaders.

Massey University is finalizing plans to ban from their campus 9 ministers of FCC offshoot, Victory Christian Church.