It’s amazing what hindsight can do for you, especially coming out of a system like FCC.  You feel betrayed, you feel stupid for letting it happen and often times, confused.  It has been incredibly helpful to read books by various authors to help “unravel” the knots that were tied in my head and see things for what they really were.  It’ s frustrating to have been a part of something for so long and not see it, but when you’re in it, you’re stuck.

I’ve been reading a book on leadership that can be applied to anything in life: your family, relationships, church, work, etc.  The latest chapter was on influence and that to be a true leader, you must be able to influence those around you.  One of my favorite quotes from this chapter “True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned.  It comes only from influence, and that can’t be mandated.  It must be earned.”  It always baffled me how Steve propelled himself into this self appointed leadership position, even called himself an apostle, but when you truly consider the impact that healthy churches are having on the world, it is obvious that Steve has little actual influence.  Pastors with influence are ones that people actually WANT to follow…they are not forced, condemned, coerced or judged into following.  If Steve Hall was a real leader, people would be flocking to his church because he has natural influence and would be using that influence to make the name of Jesus prevalent in our world!  The author also put it like this: “Most followers are pretty cooperative when their livelihood is at stake.”  Steve maintains leverage over people but doesn’t maintain healthy and legitimate influence.  Threatening to fire staff workers if they don’t change their musical choices or forcing them to burn poker chip holders because he believed poker wasn’t something Christians should do…just a few examples.

While I don’t write this to defame or smear, it is important to define what true leadership really is.  Steve is a leader of sorts but lacks the influence necessary to sustain his vision.  If Steve had true influence, there wouldn’t be a mass exodus from his congregation every few years and he wouldn’t have lost the 4 elders that he had spent 20+ years working with.  Fear based control and leveraging of power is a short term means to coerce people to participate that ultimately ends with the falling of a regime.  Fortunately for all of us who left, we all had our breaking points, something that made it evident that we had been “dooped” into following a man and a system that was slowly but surely destroying our lives, tainting a healthy view of God and ultimately reverting us back to slavery.  I believe that everyone in this unhealthy system will reach that breaking point because the Grace of God is so much bigger than all of this.  I still pray for my friends that are there, that they will truly look in the Word and realize what is actually happening.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t stop making these posts! They are SO helpful to many of us who are sorting out what is right and what is wrong about our time in other “sister churches.” Thank you for creating this blog!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, seems like things are quite bad there.

  3. Jason camden says:

    Let me guess you went to FCC and didn’t want to follow Gods ways and quit… We will see in eternity who is correct. You sound really similar to the nation of Israel as they complained against Moses and Aaron… Good luck with that.

    • Cpt. Narwhal says:

      Or your little high intensity-high watch outfit doesn’t have a monopoly on God, but it you would get dirty looks if you so much as thought that.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is a core component of at least GCC, and I assume the other offshoots – even a THOUGHT that the pastor might not be right, or your “spiritual father/mother” might not be right, or something isn’t right is considered wrong and demonic. So warped.

  4. Jeff Phillips says:

    Hey, Jason. I remember the old rebellion of Korah doctrine that Steve preached. First of all, Steve isn’t Moses. Secondly, Moses didn’t use the Scriptures inappropriately to construct a theology of control and abuse. Thirdly, since leaving I’ve realized that all too often we were following Steve’s ways, not God’s ways. So, if you want to conflate your pastor with God, go right ahead. I’m done doing that. I’ve moved on to follow God, not man.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Uh…yeah. And Moses was disciplined by God to the point of not being allowed to enter the promised land for what reason? Oh yeah. It was for getting angry and mistreating the people he was leading. Just once.

    • The Truth Matters says:

      @ Anonymous-
      No. Moses was not disciplined by God for abusing the people. Never. Moses was disciplined by YHUH for not listening/ obeying YHUH, when he struck the rock, instead of speaking to it, as instructed. Don’t slander in ignorance. The Truth Matters, and it matters to YHUH. Don’t falsely accuse Moses of doing something he didn’t do, that many false teachers have.

      • Cpt. Narwhal says:

        That’s both a nitpick and debatable, and if you have to defend your BS cult with uncorrelated factoids, you’ve clearly got no ground to stand on.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What were the names of the elders that left the church please?

  7. Anonymous says:


    I was a member in FCC in Tucson for 6 years. I THANK GOD every day for finally opening my eyes. Like many of you, I had good and bad experiences while I was a member. I saw many red flags, but ignored them because I really thought this Church “had it right.” I am now in the healing process, and I am struggling to find a church in Tucson. I am afraid of getting into another FCC church. I don’t trust like used to… I love God, and I really want to start going back to Church. Can anyone recommend me a good church in Tucson in which I can grow and heal. Thank you!

    • anon says:

      Calvary Christian Fellowship is a good one. I see that there are former members there. I see it as a non threatening place. Take it slow, one day at a time. Healing takes time.

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