Please see the recent article published in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the campus newspaper for the University of Arizona.  There are some very important comments on this article from former members.

  1. Michael DiCroce says:

    I have a good friend involved in the ministry (now active in Boulder). We were best friends for along time but he was told not to interact with me because I was not saved and going to hell. Nevermind that I live a pretty straight life and attend church regularly, pray as a family with my wife, etc. Because I was Catholic, I was evil and thus not worthy of true friendship. Funny thing is, he calls once or twice a year to try and get access to my wallet and the wallets of my friends and family.

    I’ve missed him dearly and pray often that he will desire a friendship with me, but I guess that is that. I have been approached by the church on mulitple occassions but luckily I had good counsel from my Priest to steer clear.

    • Anonymous says:

      When I was at GCC the implication was Catholics are ‘religious’ but not really christian, or they were christian but were basically wrong so it was bad to have them as friends. but that would never be said directly.

  2. The Truth Matters says:

    Very quickly, I wanted to alert you guys that FCC has at least one YouTube video up, all slick, convincing, godly- like, and seductive. NO ONE has made any comments there yet, which is really regrettable, because doubtless people are watching it, yet have no idea from the 0 comments that it’s truly a cult and a nightmare from hell. I can’t comment, because one has to be set up on YouTube with videos, and that’s not me. So you who know the truth about FCC, who are able to post on YouTube, need to hurry and make truth- revealing comments there at their video/ videos.
    Also, I noticed at the Wildcat article a couple comments I want to respond to. ( Comments are closed there.) People have said that the reason for all the severe restrictions at FCC, like isolation from family and friends, was an over- protective or fearful motivation stemming from the desire to safeguard or protect the believer. Given all their evil fruit of demonic manipulations and witchcraft controls, I discern that such generous suggestions are as far from the truth as Hall is. I think we must admit that the reason they isolate people from their families and friends, is for the same reason that every other cult makes the same demand– and that is, captivity, not wanting to allow anyone to speak truth to the person, lest the person open their eyes and leave FCC. It’s not for the person’s protection, but for FCC’s protection. Whether you look at it in terms of captive souls in bondage, or financially, or the HUGE hunger he has for anti- christ absolute controls to the point of obsession, either way, he ” MUST” retain his captives. I don’t see any ” Christian” in that horrible man! I see a chief among NARCISSISTS, a very rabid psychopath. No one that behaves like that can know the father or Jesus. That’s true in view of his evil fruit, or by ANY OTHER scriptural mandate, warning, or description. He is totally false and a compadre of satan!! BEWARE, BEWARE!! ( Remember to post truth- revealing comments at their video on YouTube.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know who the Founder of FCC church and all their other churches in Colorado, NM ect…

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know what you mean by ‘founder’, but the closest thing I know of is head pastor and those are Steve Hall for FCC, Chris Tomlinson for GCC, Aaron Brechtel for Resurrection in Boulder. Beyond that I dont know.

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